Cozy Mystery Road Trip

Hi everyone!

For the last several months, I have wanted to create something that would combine two things I love–road tripping and reading cozy mysteries! As much as I would love to actually go on a road trip, it is nearly impossible because of work and COVID so instead I thought about a virtual road trip that would take me through all 50 states!

What exactly does this mean?

Each week I plan to highlight one state and will give a list of popular restaurants/destinations/hidden gems, but most importantly a list of Cozy Mysteries/series that take place in each of the states! My hope is to encourage you to travel (when you feel it safe for you to do so) and to dive into the genre of Cozies! If you did not know, the cozy mystery genre is what reignited my love for reading and I hope that it will do the same for someone else!

Next week we will be diving in to California!

If you currently live there or have lived there, comment with your favorite restaurants and things to do within the state!


Nicole ❤

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